Christopher Murray
Sun 23 Apr 23 - Fri 28 Apr 23

This historic film about a reckoning in 19th century Chile expresses fierce criticism against European colonialism and imperialism, that still resonate until today.

Thirteen-year-old Rosa works for a German family of colonists. After her father’s gruesome death, she meets Mateo, the sullen leader of an indigenous organisation that uses magic to resist the occupier. When a few colonists go missing, the authorities point the finger at them and several indigenous men are brutally arrested and tortured.


‘Sorcery’ is not a film about witchcraft, but about a real conflict between German colonists and the Huilliche people about 100 years ago. Up until today, this story has a lot of weight in Chile. Helped by the stunning camera work that captures the claustrophobic atmosphere and by the mesmerising music, the director manages to lure the viewer into a world of magic and a search for justice.

Christopher Murray
Valentina Véliz Caileo, Daniel Antivilo, Sebastian Hülk
100 min
Chile, Mexico, Germany
Spanish, German
Dutch, English

On the surface, 'Sorcery' is a revenge film about a girl’s desire for vengeance, but below the surface is a gorgeous showcase of misunderstood Indigenous traditions and beliefs.

Charles Bramesco, The Playlist