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With fomofilm we put one film per month in the spotlight. We ask cinemas to schedule a single screening and bundle these screenings into a small, monthly campaign.

Every year, many great films are made all over the world. Many of these films do not make it to our cinemas. Fomofilm travels to distant places and with care it searches for the most unique stories. Once home, we put one film a month in the spotlight. This way we become your regular appointment for special cinema everywhere in Flanders.


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Samsara 🧘

Lois Patiño, Spain, 2023, 113'

In Laos, a young monk reads a passage from the Book of the Dead every day to a dying woman. The text must help her find the way to the afterlife. We follow her soul on the sensory journey to reincarnation in the next body. A meditative film about the Buddhist life cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. A journey around the world and beyond, starting in a temple in Laos and ending on a beach in Zanzibar. An unprecedented experience.

"A spiritual journey into the consciousness-expanding qualities of film. Film has also often been called a dream, or a meditation, and even a trip. This film brings all that together. It is an experience on both sides of consciousness."

★★★★★ Dana Linssen, NRC

"With this enchanting film, the cinema becomes a meditation room: a unique experience."

★★★★★ Volkskrant

"A quiet, radical masterwork, surely destined for high rank in many year-end top tens." 
★★★★★ Little White Lies


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21 mei Cinema Antwerp + yoga
27 mei UGC Turnhout
27 mei Cityscoop Roeselare
28 mei De Roma Antwerp + meditation
29 mei Cinema Paradiso Diest
30 mei Sphinx Gent
30 mei Lumière Mechelen + meditation
30 mei Lumière Bruges
31 mei Netwerk Aalst

Samsara's fomo film screenings are part of a wider release of the film in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Discover all screenings of the film here.


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MOOOV purchases films on the international market and rents these purchased films to Belgian cinemas. Fomofilm is an alternative distribution strategy of MOOOV.


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