Ik hou lekker vol

Askar Nurakun Uulu, Dayoon Kim, Kedar Shrestha
Thu 21 Apr 22 - Fri 29 Apr 22

A subtle short film compilation about children who don’t quit, for young and old film lovers.

No matter how much you would like it to, not everything succeeds after just one try. But if you keep trying, most of the time it ends well, even when the situation seems hopeless. And that is exactly what the three children in these shorts do: they do not give up and try all kinds of tricks to succeed.

A young boy would love to go watch a movie with the others, but he is still too young and is not allowed into the theatre. He tries to sneak his way in, to peak through windows, but he fails to see even a glimpse of the film. Or does he?

Yeanwoo just moved and misses her friends. She does not know anyone where she lives now. She only has her pet snail Chok Chok to keep her company. One day, Chok Chok disappears without a trace. Yeonwoo sets up a hopeless search for her lost friend. Seek and ye shall find… someone.

Junu only has one problem: she cannot remember how to put on her shoes. Does this one go on the left? Or maybe on the right? Every day she starts doubting again. The help of others is useless. They only confuse her more. What do you think: will Junu ever succeed?

Askar Nurakun Uulu, Dayoon Kim, Kedar Shrestha
45 min
Kyrgyzstan, Nepal

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