about MOOOV

People make films all over the world. Only a fraction of these make it to our cinemas or to our screens. MOOOV selects differently and goes all over the world looking for films and directors that combine quality and relevant content. This way, MOOOV aims to be a powerful brand for powerful films from all over the world. 


MOOOV is an initiator of all sorts of temporary and permanent activities built around the programming and screening of high-quality films from the five continents. The programming and screening of films take place in a context of awareness and education, to enhance the Belgian audience’s knowledge, respect and appreciation of cultures other than the Western one. It may undertake any kind of action to achieve this goal. It can also, though only in a secondary manner, undertake commercial activities, but only if the profits from these are devoted to the goal for which MOOOV was founded. 

• MOOOV has a passion for high-quality films from around the world. 
• MOOOV respects differences in terms of images, stories and people. 
• MOOOV keeps its finger on the pulse of the artistic and social current events.
• MOOOV aims to share its passion with a broad audience. 
• MOOOV aims to use film to inform, confront and raise awareness. 


Our mission is to make high-quality films from all over the world available and debatable to everyone in Flanders, using a recognisable label that is accessible on different platforms and at different locations. Because everyone is entitled to the magic of cinema. 

© Viktor Van Hoof