Ontdek hier de verschillende awards die worden uitgereikt tijdens het MOOOV Filmfestival.

canvas award

The international festival jury votes on a winner for the Canvas Award out of the selection of competing films. The winning film will be shown on tv-channel Canvas and in cinemas.

winner 2021:
Nudo Mixteco
Ángeles Cruz
winner 2020: 

This Is Not a Burial, It's a Resurrection 
Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese
winner 2019: 
Widow of Silence
Praveen Morchhale

Sembène Award

Every year MOOOV compiles all international films that appear in cinemas in Flanders. These films compete for the Sembène Award, the Award for the best international film, which we present every year at the film festival in April. According to MOOOV, the Award for best international film of the past year deserves the name of a man who is known as one of the greatest directors in world cinema: Ousmane Sembène. more info

winner 2021:
Alejandro Landes
winner 2020:
An Elephant Sitting Still
Hu Bo
winner 2019:
Lee Chang-dong

University of Antwerp Award

In 2020 the University of Antwerp Award was presented for the first time at the MOOOV Film Festival. A jury of five students watches all competing films and votes on one film as the University of Antwerp Award. The Award provides a distribution bonus that enables the screening of the film in Belgium.

winner 2021:
Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)
Chuko & Arie Esiri
winner 2020:
Mahnaz Mohammadi

Youth Award

The youth jury from Bruges and Turnhout present the Youth Award.

winner 2021:
Maura Delpero
winner 2020:
Sin señas particulares
Fernanda Valadez
winner 2019:
The Third Wife 
Ash Mayfair