Sembène Cinema

Every year, Flemish distributors buy a range of films from Asia, Latin-America and Africa. They are shown in our cinemas and in various cultural centres. Sembène Cinema aims to maximise attention on these films. 

On this page you can discover which international films are screening close to you. You can also read about the newest international films that are in the cinemas. And if you are a professional, you can organise a screening. 

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The next screenings of international films in Flanders. Click on the overview to filter according to a location in your area or a specific date. 


Young Critics

MOOOV opens its doors to a team of young writers. Under the guidance of senior editor Ivo De Kock, they review the latest international film releases in Flanders


Sembène Award

Every year MOOOV brings together all the international films that have been released in Flemish cinemas. These films compete for the Sembène Award, the prize for best international film which we present every year during the film festival in April. 

 If you are an exhibitor, MOOOV provides you with everything you need to book these films for a screening. We arrange the exhibition rights and provide a suitable format.

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