The Blue Girl

Keivan Majidi

The children in Blue Girl take you on an original and dynamic ride through an exquisitely charming and inspiring tale.

The children from this small village high in the mountains of Kurdistan love to play football. They however do not have a field where they can kick the ball hard. They cannot find a plain field to play anywhere in the village. The villagers are done with the children running behind the ball in the sloping streets or kicking balls through their windows. The children are not quite happy themselves in this situation. They dream of having a real football pitch in the village, so they can practice in peace. After yet another encounter with an adult in the village, they decide to take matters into their own hands, together with an ex-football-player. They climb up the mountain to find a place big and plain enough to make a football pitch. Not an easy task in a rocky environment…

The children in Blue Girl burst with energy and creative ideas. The originality and perseverance they show to make their dreams come true, takes the viewer on a ride through an exquisitely charming and inspiring tale. This task the children put upon themselves is not completed overnight. In the same way, the director takes his time to direct and to let the viewer observe. You may see the omnipresent childish enthusiasm, but you soon realize that behind all that, equality between boys and girls is not a given in the Iranian society.

Keivan Majidi
84 min
  • Caution with children up to 9 years of age




Blue Girl exposes the cruel reality of women in Iran through the dreams and smiles of children and their passion for football.

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