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Paz Fábrega

A 40-year-old architect, takes care of a young girl who is unexpectedly pregnant. A brief meeting between two confused women, told in a highly sensitive manner.

Luisa, a 40-year-old architect, lives a terribly busy life. She enthusiastically dedicates her free time to an art education project for toddlers. But after all that, she returns to an empty home. Her boyfriend travels a lot for work and sometimes they have brief and shallow conversations over Skype.

One day she notices a young girl, Julia, being sick and run to the bathroom. Luisa instantly knows the girl is pregnant and she arranges a doctor’s appointment with a befriended doctor, who concludes Julia is already five months pregnant. The girl is helpless and terrified to tell her mother, so Luisa takes care of her. She lets the girl live with her without her mother suspecting anything. She convinces the girl to give the baby up for adoption and even arranges a meeting with potential adoptive parents. Together they form a special bond and they go on trips together.

Aurora describes a brief meeting between two confused women, told in a highly sensitive manner with a camera that follows them close to the vest. The motives of both women are not unambiguously explained. The viewer is free to complete and interpret the actions of the protagonists.

Aurora is an intimate, subtle film, cinematographically exquisite and the acting is high-quality.

Paz Fábrega
Rebeca Woodbridge, Liliana Biamonte, Raquel Villalobos
90 min
Costa Rica
Dutch, English

#ongewenstzwanger #moederschap #complexiteit #dubbelzinnig #intiem # delicaat #closeups

Which of the two women will be transformed the most?

Paula Arantzazu Ruiz – IFFR (Appreciations)


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