De warme sjaal van Aamu

Lucie Lambert

Aamu’s big scarfis a philosophical story for both young and old. A peaceful film about the harmony with nature, to enjoy quietly.

The little Aamu lives in the middle of a forest with her grandmother, in a small house. Aamu is curious and has a lot of questions, like:‘ What is the world made of?’,‘Are there monsters, witches and wizards?’ ‘If you want to know the answer to that, you have to go outside in the whole wideworld’, her wise grandmother tells her. And so the little Aamu travels the whole wide world with her fox. On the way she encounters the most wonderful people: a poetic boatman, the rich man that has nothing one can steal, a reindeer herder, a joyous couple in a small round house, a colour artiste,... They all leave Aamu with a life lesson so she slowly gets answers to all of her questions. With the soft voice of her grandmother in the background, Aamu gets the world around her shoulders like a warm and cherishing scarf.

In this warm and cosy fairy-tale, that was filmed in Sápmi in Lapland, everything is about growing up, respecting nature and learning to understand the world. The director succeeded in making it a combination of fiction film and a documentary, with elements of animation throughout. The result is a calming film of simplicity, nice close-ups and surprising animations about the harmony with nature. One to enjoy quietly.

Lucie Lambert
42 min
  • Not harmful / all ages

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