Canción sin nombre

Melina Léon

A cinematographic gorgeous film with a heart-wrenching story that is deserving of its comparison to the Oscar-winning Roma.

Set in Peru, in the midst of political turmoil in the eighties. Georgina is an indigenous Andean woman whose new-born baby is whisked away moments after its birth in a fake Lima maternity clinic. Her desperate search brings her to the headquarters of one of the biggest newspapers in the country. There she meets Pedro, a lonely journalist. He decides to try and clear up what happened and make sure justice is served.

A heart-wrenching story about motherhood, inspired by true events: director Melina Léon’s father was one of the journalists who sunk their teeth into the case of organised traffic in children. This black-and-white beauty in nostalgic aspect ratio 4:3 sheds a bright light on the dark times from Peru’s recent past. The film is compared to the Oscar-winning Roma and that is not undeserved, but even without this comparison, this film is one of the most exceptional films coming from Latin-America in recent years.

Melina Léon
97 min
Quechua, Spanish
Nederlands, Frans

Melina León's solemn, stylish debut feature dramatizes a true-life case of Peruvian baby trafficking with considerable cinematic imagination.

Guy Lodge, Variety