Throughout the year MOOOV Education offers a range of films for all ages, as well as extensive teaching materials. 

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MOOOV presents a large offer of international films, for all levels and types of education. There’s something here for everybody!

Festivals for Schools

A film festival, at the end of April and the beginning of May, at all of our festival locations: we can’t wait. You neither? In the meantime, we’re working on an extra festive edition full of surprising innovations. Click below to find our film offer. 

Wereldfilmfestival Mechelen

Op 26 en 27 oktober is het weer tijd voor het Wereldfilmfestival van de Stad Mechelen, ism MOOOV. Alle secundaire scholen uit Mechelen en omstreken zijn er welkom! Je kan met je leerlingen een bezoek brengen aan het Wereldfilmfestival in UGC Mechelen of op die twee dagen in de klas genieten van een wereldfilm.


online programme

You teach in secondary education and cannot go to the cinema with your class? Then MOOOV will bring films to your classroom! 

View our online film offer below, exclusively for secondary education. Let us know which movie you would like to watch with your class or school and we will make it available for you online. There is bound to be a title that fits perfectly for your class or lesson topic

digital vision weekend

During the Digital Vision Weekends you and fellow teachers get the chance to watch films a whole weekend long, films that you can then book for your school screening. The next Digital Vision Weekend will take place from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th October 2021. 

teaching materials

Teaching materials are made for all the films on the school programme and are available free. You can find the materials for the older as well as the more recent offer in the film pages. Get to work with them in the classroom to explore the film even further!

how much does it cost?

Festival screening: €3,90 per student 
Customised cinema screening – throughout the year: €4,50 per student 
Screening at school: €2 per student 

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