Go Youth!

Carlos Armella
  • kijkwijzer14

'Go Youth' discusses a common hindrance which we eventually all face one day: adulthood.

Present-day Mexico City. Martin is smitten by a girl but he only knows her name. He believes her name to be so beautiful, he sprays it on the side of an unknown house in graffiti. He wants to give voice to his love for her through the streets, but he realizes the girl, nor the neighbourhood care one bit about his feelings. Daniel is a musician with a fascinating hairstyle who had to become a taxi driver out of sheer necessity because he impregnated his teenage girlfriend. Life as a responsible adult is not turning out the way he had envisioned it. He does not come out of unscathed. Dulce is an aggressive girl who is known at school for being a bully, but in her heart she is vulnerable and just wants to be loved. By now she is ready to lose her virginity to the first person who will accept her. Pedro is disappointed in the adult world from which he has retreated himself. Among these four peers, he is the one to act more radical, but perhaps even with more effect by speaking his own language. 'Go Youth' connects the lives of four young people. They all fight corruption, oppression and injustice in their own way. A film bursting with energy, teenage dreams, rebellion and hope; drama and humour with lively colours in a playful mood.

Carlos Armella
107 min
  • kijkwijzer14



The stories in ‘Go Youth!’ were born from elements of Mexico City: graffiti, taxis, students and the chaos that is generated among the inhabitants of a huge city. One of the most lighthearted and fun projects featured at this years Morelia.

Jamie Lang -Variety