Holding up the Sky

Pieter Van Eecke
Sun 23 Apr 23 - Sun 30 Apr 23

In this documentary, the leading part goes to Davi, shaman of the Yanomami people, who has been fighting the downfall of his beloved Amazon forest for years.

“When the shamans stop dancing and life in the rainforest loses its balance, the sky will fall down.” This wisdom is passed on by the Yanomami people from generation to generation. Their Amazon forest is threatened by gold diggers polluting rivers, deforestation and global warming. Chief Davi has been fighting the colonisation of his land for over forty years.


‘Holding Up The Sky’ offers an intimate look at the troubles in the Amazon forest. The film is unique because it portrays the experiences of the indigenous Yanomami people. The passionate call for help by their leader Davi and his son Dario is inspiring. At the same time, it’s a reminder for the outside world that there is more to life than only the material.

Pieter Van Eecke
78 min
Belgium, the Netherlands
Dutch, French

The film is powerful and important… The characters and their stories just grabbed your heart in an honest way. I’m so moved by this story — I’m certain it will have a considerable impact.

Llew Smith, Filmmaker