Een wereld van verschil

verschillende filmmakers

Four animation shorts, each in their own different, characteristic style. Even grown-ups will feel the stories straight in their heart.

A compilation of short films about moments when suddenly something special happens, something that makes everything look more cheerful. Even though it is about a small thing someone says or does, still they make a world of difference...

Kiko en de dieren – director: Yawen Zheng

Even though Kiko is not friendly to the animals at all, they do something very special for him when he gets in trouble.

Stars in the Rain – director: Sara Namjoo

Everything is drab and grey for a family that had to say goodbye to someone they loved. But then suddenly someone unexpected brings the colour back into their life.

Cinema Rex – directors: Mayan Engelman and Eliran Pered

Even though Mouize and Ranin have only just met, they are forbidden to be friends by their parents. Why?They don’t understand. They don’t let it stop them from becoming friends, though.

Un Caillou Dans La Chaussure – director: Eric Montchaud

A boy is new in a country where he understands no one and nothing. It makes him very lonely. He quickly notices that someone does like him.


42 min
France, Iran, Israel, Switzerland
  • Caution with children up to 6 years of age